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jQuery 4.0 hits beta, with bug fixes, removed support and performance improvements

David Pottrell
08 Feb 2024
Website Development

The jQuery team has released version 4.0 beta, noting that support for Internet Explorer (IE) 10 and lower has been dropped, and warning of breaking changes.

The jQuery JavaScript library is used by over sixty percent of the top 1 million websites, according to builtwith statistics. For those of you who are curious what drives jQuery in 2024 and beyond, one key factor is that WordPress is still the most popular content management system (CMS) on the Internet still, and the majority of installations and so many plugins critically rely on jQuery.

Although jQuery 4.0 includes bug fixes and performance improvements, according to jQuery Team Lead Timmy Willison, the release is as much about what is removed as what is new. Support for a number of web browsers has been dropped, including versions of IE prior to 11, Edge Legacy (not based on the Chromium engine), iOS prior to 11, Firefox older than version 65, and others. 

A significant change in the way jQuery is developed is that version 4.0 now uses ES (ECMAScript) modules and is packaged with Rollup rather than RequireJS.