The benefits of having a professional web hosting and maintenance package

David Pottrell

David Pottrell

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Published on July 4th, 2023|Last updated on February 13th, 2024

Your website is one of the first things a customer will see when they engage with your business. A well-maintained website can boost your online presence, attract more visitors and hopefully generate more business.

However, managing your own website can come with its own issues, not to mention time spent away from running the other parts of your company. Many businesses choose to hire professionals to manage their web hosting and maintenance for peace of mind and optimum results.

Here, we look into the importance of a professional web hosting and maintenance package and why it is worth the investment.

What is web hosting?

When you create a website, it will consist of various files such as image, video, HTML, CSS and other forms of media. Web hosting refers to the process of storing your website’s files and making them accessible on the internet to anyone that types in your URL.

When you host your website with a company, you are essentially renting a portion of space on the provider’s servers, which will ensure your website is accessible 24/7.

The benefits of professional web hosting

Without using a professional web hosting service, you would be responsible for finding a way to host your website online yourself – something that is time consuming, expensive and would take a lot of specialist knowledge.

With professional web hosting, your website’s security, network connectivity and software updates are done for you, meaning you can get back to the important parts of running your business.

Your website will be hosted on servers that are optimised for speed and performance, meaning faster page load times and a better user experience for your customers.

A reliable hosting provider will also ensure your website has as little downtime as possible and can meet the demands of a spike in traffic. Professional web hosting is also scalable, meaning you can easily upgrade your plan as your business grows and the needs of your business change.

What is web maintenance?

As well as hosting your website, it will need to be maintained to keep everything running smoothly and to ensure that the platform and any plug-ins are up to date. Additionally bugs or security issues may arise and need dealing with, all of which can be time consuming if you’re trying to do it yourself. Or worse, you don’t get round to doing it and things start breaking or you have a security breach.

The benefits of professional website maintenance

Any business can benefit from professional website maintenance as it will ensure your site is always up-to-date, both from a technical point of view and the view your customers will see when they land on your homepage.

Professional website maintenance can extend to getting new pages and sections of your site built with ease under a block-hour arrangement. And you won’t have to worry about potential technical problems as there will be a professional always keeping an eye on things for you.

Rather than spending precious time managing your online web presence, you can get back to what you do best – growing your business.

An all-in-one web hosting and maintenance package

At Nebula Design, we offer an all-in-one web hosting and maintenance package for your business website. To find out more about our web hosting and maintenance packages, head here or book a discovery call.