In today’s digital landscape, security isn’t an option – it’s an absolute necessity.

Your website is your business storefront, and just like any physical store, it needs robust security measures to protect your valuable assets: sensitive data, customer information, and your brand reputation.

That’s where Nebula can assist. We believe securing your website is just as important as building it. That’s why we offer a comprehensive website security package that goes beyond basic firewalls and plugins.

Our certified security partner doesn’t just scan your site – they launch simulated attacks, mimicking real-world hacking attempts to unearth even the most hidden vulnerabilities. Imagine knowing every weak link before an attacker does.

We use industry-leading tools to scan your site, proactively identifying and patching vulnerabilities as they emerge. You’ll have the peace of mind of 24/7 monitoring, with prompt alerts and swift action at any sign of trouble.

Why choose Nebula?


We are focused on fuelling our community with intelligent technology solutions. We want to help you be your best using technology.


We build excellent relationships with technology partners so our clients can access the best solutions and support.


As technology specialists, we know how quickly things can change. We are responsive to change too, in you are clients and the latest tech.


Based on the edge of Bristol we are local experts to organisations in the South West, South Wales and the Cotswolds.


We genuinely care about the impact that we make, through our service and our charitable activities.


We are fun to work with, and bring our energy and enthusiasm to every client.

Take control of your website’s security today

Don’t wait for disaster to strike. Every minute your website is offline, you’re losing customers, revenue, and reputation. Invest in proactive security today and sleep soundly knowing your website is a fortress, not a target.

Schedule a free consultation with our security experts to discuss your specific needs and discover how our penetration testing services and ongoing security scans can safeguard your website.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What makes penetration testing different from typical malware scanning?

Malware scanners aid in blocking or eliminating malware from your website.
Penetration testing, on the other hand, takes a proactive approach by identifying security vulnerabilities on your website and providing recommendations for remediation. Consequently, attackers will encounter significant obstacles in attempting to inject malware.

We’ve been asked to provide evidence of our website security, can you help?

Absolutely! We can generate a report to show the various security measures in place from our website pen testing service.