What are the benefits of original photography for an SME business website?

David Pottrell

David Pottrell

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Published on April 27th, 2023|Last updated on March 7th, 2024

Research from MIT has previously shown that the human brain can process an image in as little as 13 milliseconds – so, clearly, first impressions count.

But when deciding what photos to use for your business website, you might be considering whether to opt for one of the many stock imagery libraries available or invest in your own original photography.

There are some benefits to using stock imagery: easy access to thousands of images, usually at a cost, being the main one, of course.

However, opting for your own original photography for your SME business website can make you stand out among your competitors and pay back its cost from new work in no time.

Here are five reasons why investing in your own original photography over using stock imagery is often worth the cost.

1 – Original photography is unique to you

Stock photos can be high quality, but they can also feel soulless and a bit cliche. They also aren’t unique, as anyone with access to that stock image site can use them as well.

When you use a stock image, you’re paying the company for a licence to use a photo that has potentially already been used across the internet thousands of times.

When you invest in your own original photography, it’s yours to use how you see fit.  Plus, no-one can use it on their website without your permission.

2 – It builds trust and a personal connection with your audience

People are more likely to buy from people they feel they know and trust, rather than from a faceless organisation.

By investing in original photography, you’re putting yourself and your staff at the forefront of your brand’s website, which allows your company to build trust and connect with a potential customer.

3 – It can bring a sense of belonging to your team

Having sleek original photography on your website not only looks good to your site visitors – it can bring positives to your staff as well.

By bringing your team together to take part in team photos, you can foster a sense of belonging between your employees and your team is likely to take pride in representing your company online. Think of it as a team building exercise that also adds to your online presence.

4 – It can improve your SEO

Good SEO – or search engine optimisation – happens when search engines rate the content on your website as high quality, allowing it to appear higher up on its search results page. This hopefully results in more visitors to your site and then more business leads.

What do search engines like Google hate? Duplicate content. A site filled with stock photos that have already been used all over the Internet is not going to be a boost to your SEO in the way original photos unique to your site will be.

5 – It can be tailored to your business and brand ethos

Original photography can be made to fit with the rest of your branding, offering you a cohesive tone and style that is consistent throughout your site.

This is far more likely to be successful than scouring thousands of stock images and trying to find one that fits.

Original photography can also be used to showcase you and your brand’s unique personality, rather than relying on images created to fit, well, anyone. Isn’t it better to stand out from the crowd?

6 – Original photography is the gift that keeps on giving

Yet another benefit of original photography for your website is that you don’t just have to use it for your website!

Investing in your own authentic photography means you also have a ready stock of perfect images for things like social media activity, presentations and printed material.

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